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Portable Blender

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Live a busy lifestyle?

Need a quick, easy way to make nutritious meals on the go?

Wanting an easy way to hit your daily nutrition goals?

Our portable blender is the product for you. Our blenders provide an easy solution for people on the go who would like to ensure they get a meal wherever they are at whatever time. Our blenders are portable, lightweight and easy to use. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a good smoothie or juice!

These blenders can be used at home, work, school, the gym, traveling or camping. They come in 4 different colors for your liking and are USB charged with a long lasting battery life.


Imagine being able to take your blender with you and being able to use it anywhere! Look no further, this blender is perfect for busy days, going to the gym or work and will encourage the whole family to enjoy delicious, more healthy smoothies.


Grab your portable blender and your favorite ingredients and you're good to go! Our blenders can easily be stored in a bag when you're in a hurry out the door and can be used anywhere. Imagine the freedom of being able to travel anywhere with your blender and not have to worry about the limitations of a regular blender. You can enjoy your favorite smoothies, juices and milkshakes at anytime